The thesis for doctor of public health from 2004 is called: EXPERIENCED QUALITY OF THE INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP IN FIRST-TIME PARENTS

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QDR36 , Quality of Dyadic Relationships, measures self-reported marital quality in all kinds of dyads living together in an intimate relationship. It can be used for research and evaluation of interventions as well as a base for therapeutic dialogue, where areas with low points can be stressed.

It consists of 36 items and has five dimensions:

Consensus (11 items), Cohesion (4 items), Satisfaction (11 items), Sensuality (5 items), and Sexuality (5 items)

QDR has been tested and validated on first-time parents, couples at family counseling, and men and women living in long-term relationships. QDR36 needs to be validated in new populations, also in homosexual couples.

Errata: The article (Ahlborg et al., 2009) contains an error in the last part of Table 3: QDR-Index at 4 years should be 18,92 instead of 22.76., which the editor of Nordic Psychology has been informed about.

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